Cretan Traditional Folklore Museum

Cretan Folklore Museum hosts numerous artifacts of the local folklore culture.

The museum is divided into two sections, traditional and neoclassical section.

The first section is the old house, built in the early 19th century in strictly local architecture. There all objects are placed with reverence and respect to their physical space in order to highlight their functional use.

This house, which is the only surviving home of that age in Lassithi Plateau, is divided into 4 rooms.

Lobby or else Portego

There we can find the fireplace with all the necessary items in the kitchen, the loom with all the means necessary for its operation, the winepress which was the conjugal bed while not in use, the stone oven with all its accessories (vessels for kneading, sofras or low round table etc.), the dresser, clay pots and many types of lamps (oil lamp, petrol lamp, night lantern etc).

The black color of the wooden roof was created by the smoke of the fireplace and oven burning for more than 200 years

The storage, cellar or Kamera

There we can find jars of various sizes collecting agricultural family products (beans, peas, chickpeas, wheat, oats, oil, wine, etc.) as well as the animals' stover.

These jars are strongly reminiscent of similar warehouses of the Minoan era


The stable is located in a separate room with its entrance being on the left as we enter in the courtyard from the outdoor entrance.

Here all agricultural tools and items are placed (the Hesiod's plow, volosyro, scale, thrinaki, shovel, etc.) as well as the animal feeders and the hens nests where they perch and spawn their eggs.

Professions exhibition

This hall is located in a separate room with its entrance next to the main lobby.

Here tools of all professions of that time (carpenter, barber, cobbler, farrier, blacksmith, coffeehouse owner, basket makers, potters, etc) are concentrated and placed in specific order.

Finally, the courtyard hosts old-type pumping techniques of the region.

Cretan Neoclassical Folklore Museum

Second section of the Cretan Folklore Museum is the neoclassical cretan house of the early 20th century.

On the ground floor, we can find scrinia, carved wooden furniture, textiles and embroidery of exceptional art, pictures, hanging lamps, clocks and other rich decoration.

Also a rich collection of objects, historical documents and clothing of the great General Ioannis Alexakis is hosted in this room.

On the first floor, a permanent exhibition of cultural heritage in Lassithi Plateau is located with rich photographic material and typical objects of the region.

Next to the main neoclassical building, a classroom of the last century is formed to conduct training programs on the folklore and windmills of Lasithi Plateau.

Inside the hall as well as out in the courtyard, there are constructions of various types of windmills.

El Venizelos Exhibition Museum

In an ornate stone building of 1871, various photographs, historical documents, handwritten letters and personal belongings of the great Greek politician are exposed.

The set of exhibits mark the path of Eleftherios Venizelos from his birth, his emergence as a Prime Minister and his death.

St. Demetrius Church

Within the museum complex the two-aisled church of St. Demetrius that dates from 1876, exhibites artifacts of old images, temples and other woodcarvings of the famous school of Nitadoron Mesa Lasithi.