Cultural & FolkloreAssociation of Lasithi Plateau

The Cultural and Folklore Association of Lassithi Plateau (ELSOL) is an association based in Agios Georgios Lasithi Plateau.

According to its statutes, the objectives of the Association are:

  • Development of cultural and social relations as well as spirit of solidarity and support between members of the association
  • Publicity and promotion of issues that concern the intellectual, economic and cultural advancement of the region of Lasithi Plateau
  • Preservation and dissemination of cultural heritage of Lasithi plateau.
  • Preservation and strengthening of spiritual values ​​of the area and exploitation of cultural, traditional and natural virtues..
  • Collaboration with other cultural associations, scientific and artistic organizations and generally with any entity pursuing the same or similar purposes


Cultural and Folklore Association of Lassithi Plateau was established on April 15, 1979 in Agios Georgios, Lassithi Plateau.

The Multi CFI of Lasithi approves the statutes of the association on June 20, 1979 with decision No 316/1979, a summary which was published then on July 6, 1979 at the Judiciary Publications Bulletin.


To achieve its objectives, Association implements action plans as below:

  • Operation of Folklore Museums of traditional and neoclassical architecture in order to collect, sort, and project memory material of rural, pastoral, folklore and professional life of the Plateau
  • Operation of El. Venizelos Exhibition Museum in order to rescue and strengthen the historical and spiritual values of the nation in collaboration with other cultural and scientific institutions
  • Promotion of St. Demetrius Church, which is located within the boundaries of the museum complex and collects important religious temples of the 18th century, with the purpose of saving and strengthening of religious and cultural values of the region in cooperation with the local Parish of Agios Georgios
  • Organising educational visits in Museums in collaboration with primary schools as part of the educational activities of their curriculum.
  • Organising lectures, exhibitions and related activities and elaborating scientific and technical studies and practices aimed at the preservation and restoration of the Windmill Park of Lasithi Plateau
  • Organising concerts, exhibitions and related activities in order to educate and entertain the residents and visitors of the area


Regular Members

  • President, Chatzakis Georgios,
  • Member, Lourakis Nektarios,
  • Member, Spanakis Antonis,
  • Member, Agapakis Manos,
  • Member, Papafragakis Giannis,
  • Member, Tsoukakis Kostas,
  • Member, Stratakis Manolis,
  • Member, Tsichlakis Giorgos,

Honorary Members

  • Founding member, Panagiotakis Giorgos
  • Benefactor, Katerinis Leonidas
  • Donor, Kasapakis Dimitris
  • Donor, Papafragakis Emmanouil
  • Bestower, Farsaris Miltiadis
  • Bestower, Tzompanakis Antonis


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